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Dramatic Play Centers


Cloth bags
Fabric markers


1. Use fabric markers to decorate cloth bags for various dramatic play items such
as firefighters, doctors, gardening, house, and bakery.
2. Place the items into the bag in which they belong (for example, doctor items
into the “doctor” bag). Hang or place the bags in a convenient location.
3. Using the bags allows you to change the items in the area on a regular basis
without much fuss. In addition, you can use the bags in other areas, such as
the Block Area, with only a minute’s notice.
4. At the beginning of each day or week, choose a bag for the children to use
and place it in the appropriate area.
More to do
Place books or pictures of people with different careers into the bags to extend
the activities. Send a note home to parents asking for donations of items that
they might commonly throw out (for example, old computer keyboards, empty
bottles, and so on).

Book: GIANT Encyclopedia of Preschool Activities for 4-Year-Olds

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