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Creating a Writing Center


Several containers
Markers, crayons, writing and coloring pencils, and colored chalk
Stationary, various types of writing tablets and paper, old mail
Sentence strips
Laminate or clear contact paper


1. Designate and label an area of the classroom as a Writing Center.
2. Store writing utensils and paper in large containers. Label the containers using
pictures and words so that the children can store the items by themselves.
3. Write popular words or phrases on sentence strips. Laminate or cover them
with clear contact paper for durability. Mount the words or phrases near or
on a desk or table or place them in a storage container.
4. Encourage the children to write and create letters using the papers and writing
utensils. Encourage the children to visit this center as often as desired.
5. Display the children’s creations or let them take them home each day. For
parent conferences and to document children’s writing progress, save
creations from time to time.
More to do
Create word cards related to the current theme by drawing a picture and writing
the word next to it. Make name cards for each child in the classroom. If you
have a photograph of each child, add the child’s name and laminate or cover it
with clear contact paper.

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