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Create Your Own Retreat at Home

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Retreats are only in Bali and Hawaii, right? No! You can create a retreat for yourself and your child, or a staycation, in your home!

During this time, colloquially called the Great Pause, early childhood expert, mindfulness practitioner and author of the book The Power of Presence (coming October 2020), Elizabeth Erwin, EdD, encourages families to take the opportunity to teach their children how to slow down. 

In the following video, Dr. Erwin explains the many benefits of getting out of your routine, treating yourself and your child, and most importantly, recognizing the power of the pause.

While our daily activities and routines are completely different, take this as an opportunity to take a moment and review, renew, rejuvenate and reset. 

About the Author 

Elizabeth Erwin, EdD, is a professor of education at Montclair State University. Her scholarship explores early childhood and inclusive education, the power of mindfulness and well- being, family-professional partnerships, a sense of belonging in early childhood, and self-determination. She is a prolific author and has published widely in prestigious academic journals and books.

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