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Cooking Up More Science in the Kitchen


One dozen eggs, or enough to feed your class
Electric frying pan
Chart paper and marker


1. Set up an electric frying pan in a safe area out of the children's reach but where they can observe. Supervise closely.
2. Ask the children to take turns cracking open the eggs and whisking them into the bowl. Observe and discuss appearance.
3. Coat the pan lightly with butter. Explain how the heat has turned the solid fat into a liquid.
4. Encourage the children to hypothesize what will happen to the eggs when they hit the hot pan. Write down their theories.
5. Cook the eggs. Observe the changes taking place. Compare the actual results with the children's hypotheses.

More to do
More science: Using extreme caution and supervising the activity closely, heat plain water in the electric frying pan. Place a thermometer in the water. At what temperature will it boil? What happens to the water if you let it boil for a long time? Discuss steam and evaporation. * Use the
boiling water to make instant gelatin, such as Jell-O. Let the children observe how the hot water dissolves the Jell-O. Chill the mixture overnight. Observe and discuss the changes that have taken place. * Make ice cubes.
Book: The GIANT Encyclopedia of Science Activities for Children 3 to 6
Center: Cooking
Topic: Food
Content: Science
Area: Cognitive
Age: Kindergarten
Interaction: Large Group

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