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Container Shaker-Wands


Two half-pint water bottles with lids, labels removed, per shaker
rolls of brightly colored curling ribbon or shredded gift basket filling
duct tape
small pebbles, optional


1. Stuff ribbon or basket filling into each bottle. Add small pebbles, if desired.
2. Cap each bottle tightly and place against each other, end-to-end.
3. Attach the bottles together by winding duct tape around both caps until sturdy, forming a "wand."
4. Give each child two shakers. Invite them to hold the shakers as one would hold exercise dumbbells.
5. Provide instructions such as, "Raise your shakers up high; bring them down low; hold one up and one down; bring them together in front of you; put them behind you; shake them high,
shake them low."
6. Play recorded music and invite the children to march using shakers as batons.
Book: The GIANT Encyclopedia of Kindergarten Activities
Center: Music & Movement
Topic: Music
Content: The Arts: Music
Area: Gross Motor
Age: Kindergarten
Interaction: Large Group

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