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Community Adventure


Field trip pre-planning
simple birdhouse kits
wood glue
hammers and nails
toy binoculars


1. This theme was designed to help children develop, in a “five-year-old way,”
an appreciation for the exciting opportunities a community offers. Select
experiences that are very recognizable to the children and add a twist.
2. Here are some popular five-year-old field trips:
* McDonald’s: This fast food restaurant is very popular with five-yearolds,
but before lunch and playground time, take a behind-the-scenes
tour. Let the children experience, for example, the cold of the freezer,
how ketchup squirts, and making biscuits.
* A Nature Center: Before the trip, let each child construct a very basic
birdhouse. The children can hammer in the nails, and an adult can
add wood glue to help hold loose nails. (With the help of the glue, an
adult does not need to re-hammer nails, helping children feel more
independent.) When at the center, experience only the outdoors. Stay
on the grounds armed with sack lunches and binoculars. Ordinary
birds become very exciting when viewed through binoculars or seen
eating a crumb dropped from a sandwich.
* Transportation: Children see city buses daily, but riding them is a field
trip in itself. So, board the bus and ride downtown. Scenes look very
different seen from a bus by five-year-olds. Downtowns offer a wide
variety of opportunities. Board the bus and ride back to school.
Experiencing different modes of transportation is a first for most of the

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