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Clay Ladybugs


images of ladybugs
red and black clay
small wiggle eyes


1. Engage the children in a discussion
about ladybugs. Display images of
ladybugs and their body parts. Talk
to the children about the various
body parts ladybugs (and all
insects) have, including the head,
pronotum (behind the head),
thorax (middle section where legs
are attached), abdomen (body
behind the thorax where most of
the organs are), wings, antennae,
and legs.
2. Demonstrate how to roll a circular red body and a smaller black head.
3. Add black clay dots to the red body, black clay antennae to the head and
wiggle eyes to the face.
4. As the children construct their own clay ladybugs, discuss the different body
parts of ladybugs.
Consider the following:
* How many sections does the body of a ladybug have? What are they called?
* How many antennae do ladybugs have?
* How many legs do ladybugs have?
Book: Learn Every Day About Animals
Center: Art
Topic: Bugs/Ants/Insects/Spiders
Content: Science
Area: Language
Age: 4 Years Old
Interaction: Small Group

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