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Chinese New Year


giant rubber ball
petroleum jelly (such as Vaseline)
brightly colored paint
long piece of colorful fabric at least 10 yards long (different pieces of scrap
fabric can be sewn together to make a long piece)
decorations such as sequins, tassels, pompoms, or buttons
stapler or tape
crayons or colored pencils
Chinese music or cymbals


* The Chinese New Year is a 15-day celebration, starting with the second
new moon after the winter solstice and ending with the full moon. It can
start any time between January 21st and February 19th, depending on
the lunar calendar.
1. Cover half of the ball with Vaseline.
2. Glue strips of newspaper over the Vaseline. Build up the papier-mache
(glue and paper strips) to make a giant dragon head, including large
eyes, high cheeks, and a big mouth.
3. When the papier-mache dragon head is dry, slip it off the ball and paint it
in bright colors and patterns.
4. Decorate the head and the long piece of fabric with sequins, pompoms,
or buttons.
5. Attach the long piece of fabric to the dragon head with the stapler or
6. Choose a few volunteers to dance around inside the Chinese Dragon.
7. Make Chinese fans by
coloring patterns
and pictures on
pieces of paper.
how to fold
each piece of
paper one
way and then
another to make a
fan. Staple one end of the
paper to make a fan.
8. Play Chinese music while the “dragon” dances and the children wave
their fans. Have a child clash the cymbals occasionally.

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