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Chinese Dragon and Feast


Old full-size sheet
construction paper scraps
medium-size box
small knife (adult only) 
paint and paintbrush
CD or cassette tape of Chinese music
books on the Chinese New Year celebrations


1. This is a great activity if you are learning about other cultures and their holidays.
2. Spread the sheet on a large table and ask the children to gather around it.
3. Give each child a bottle of glue and a pile of construction paper scraps.
Explain that the scraps of paper will be the dragon scales and the sheet is the
dragon’s body.
4. The children can glue the construction paper scraps all over the sheet.
5. As the children are working on the body, draw a dragon face on the long side
of the box.
6. Next, cut out the dragon’s eyes with a small knife. Then paint the face. If
desired, ask the children to help paint the rest of the box red.
7. When the face and “scales” are dry, attach the box to the end of the sheet
with a stapler.
8. When the dragon is finished, show the children how to line up behind each
other and put their hands on the waist of the child in front of them. Practice
moving to the Chinese music before you place the “dragon” over them. Select
a line leader to wear the head of the dragon and lead the dragon around the
room. It is also great fun to visit other classes.
Tip: If you have Chinese-American children in your class, you could invite
their parents to speak to the class about their culture, traditions, and foods.

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