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Building Skills with “Everyday Play”

Use Everyday Play to develop the fine-motor skills your child needs to be successful in school! Start by building the scissor skills and bilateral hand skills with this fun craft activity!

Making a Wreath

What You Need:

What to Do:

  1. Show your child how to fold a paper plate in half.
  2. Encourage her to cut a semi-circle around the inside of the paper plate.
  3. Unfold the plate to reveal a “wreath.”
  4. Help your child decorate the wreath by tearing small pieces of tissue paper and squeezing the paper into balls.
  5. Give her a glue stick to use to cover the “wreath” in glue, or dip each tissue paper ball into glue.
  6. Glue the tissue balls onto the wreath. When the glue dries, display the wreath prominently.
  7. Help your child punch two holes at the top of the wreath and lace yarn or ribbon through the holes so that she can hang the wreath.

More Fun!

  • Use the wreath as a frame for a picture – either something your child has created or for a photo. Give it as a gift!

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