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Bird Watching

Bird watching-01


  1. two empty toilet paper rolls per child
  2. masking tape
  3. string or yarn
  4. hole punch
  5. scissors
  6. markers
  7. pictures of birds and animals


  1. Give each child two empty toilet paper rolls. Help them tape the paper rolls together.
  2. Punch one hole in each of the toilet paper rolls, on the outside at one end. Help the children string the yarn through the holes and knot the ends to make a strap for the binoculars.
  3. Encourage the children to decorate their binoculars with markers and stickers.
  4. Hang bird and other animal pictures around the room for the children to look at with their binoculars.
  5. Make a picture chart for each child with all of the bird and animal pictures. Each time a child sees an animal or bird, she puts a check next to it. Children can try to find all animals on the sheet.
  6. Put the children into pairs to do some cooperative "bird watching" and work on social skills.

Book: The GIANT Encyclopedia Of Learning Center Activities For Children 3 to 6
Center: Science/Discovery/Nature
Topic: Flowers/Trees/Nature/Earth
Content: Science
Area: Fine Motor
Age: 3 through 4 Years Old
Interaction: Individual Child

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