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3 through 4 Years Old


Large Group

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8” x 9” card stock, 1 for each child
5” x 5” card stock, 1 for each child
5 pieces of scrap card stock (about 2” x 2 1/2 “) for each child
crayons or paint
glue or tape
5”  to 6” lengths of transparent fishing line, 5 for each child


1. Help older children make their own beehives. You may need to cut out all
the pieces and prepare beehives for younger children.
2. Round off the top of the 5” x 5” card stock to make an arched entrance to
a “beehive.”
3. Fold up about 1” on the bottom of the 8” x 9” card stock (beehive).
4. Place the entrance of the beehive centrally at the bottom of the beehive
and mark its edges on the folded-over piece.
5. Cut off the bits of the fold on either side of the entrance, so there is a small
flap under the entrance (this will keep the bees from falling out).
6. Cut the larger piece of card stock into a beehive shape (basically a dome
with slightly curvy sides).
7. Glue or tape the top of the entrance in place, with a fold at the top so it
can be lifted easily.
8. Make five simple bees from the small pieces of card stock. Stripe their
bodies with yellow and black crayons or paint.
9. Write the numerals 1 to 5 on the bees’ heads.
10. Tape one end of each piece of fishing line to the back of each bee.
11. Tape the other ends in different places on the bee hive, under the entrance,
so when the bees are “flying” they will all be at different levels. Keep the
bees in numerical order.
12. Paint or color the beehive.
13. Tuck all the bees inside the little flap.
14. Sing “Here Is the Beehive” as the children release their bees, one by one.
Here Is the Beehive
Here is the beehive,
Where are the bees?
Hidden away where nobody sees.
Soon they come buzzing,
Out of the hive,

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