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Band-Aid Art

Book: GIANT Encyclopedia of Preschool Activities for 3-Year-Olds





Health & Safety


Fine Motor


3 through 4 Years Old


Large Group

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Large sheet of butcher paper or long roll of white paper
Masking tape
Band-aids in a variety of sizes and shapes
Markers or crayons
Yarn, wallpaper or fabric scraps, and glue, optional


1. Three-year-olds have a fascination with Band-aids and “owies,” real or
imaginary. Allowing them to explore the sticky qualities of Band-aids while
attending to their hurts and boo-boos makes this a favorite, focused activity.
2. Tape a sheet of paper that is bigger than the child to the floor.
3. Ask the child to lie down on the paper and spread his legs and arms a little.
Trace around the child’s entire body, including his clothes, hair, and fingers.
4. Encourage the child to peel open Band-aids and stick them to the body
tracing. (If the child needs helps getting started, peel open the Band-aid
wrappers slightly.)
5. The children can also use crayons or markers to add features, boo-boos, or
simple scribbling.
6. If desired, encourage the children to glue on yarn for hair and fabric or
wallpaper scraps for clothes.
More to do
Instead of Band-aids, use address labels. You can decorate them with a few dots
in the center to resemble a Band-aid.
Cut out a smaller body shape from a sheet of paper. A simple gingerbread man
shape works nicely to decorate with Band-aids.

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