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Baby Mirror


small hand-held unbreakable mirror


1. Hold the mirror to one side of the infant’s face.
2. Say, “Where’s the baby?” to draw the baby’s attention to the mirror.
3. When the baby focuses on the mirror, slowly move the mirror across the
baby’s face. Keep the mirror in his line of vision at all times.
4. Say, “Where’s the baby? See the baby?” This will encourage the baby to
follow the mirror as it moves.
5. Continue until the mirror is on the opposite side of the baby’s face.
More to do Place unbreakable child-safe mirrors around the room. Encourage the
babies to look at their own images.
Literacy: Read Where’s the Baby? by Pat Hutchins to an infant. In the story,
the phrase, “Where’s the baby?” is repeated often. When you say that
phrase, hold the small mirror up to the baby and show him his own image.

Book: The Encyclopedia of Infant and Toddler Activities



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Birth to 12 Months


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