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Animal Safari


stuffed toy animals or photographs or pictures of sets of animals
blank paper booklets
pictures of animals from magazines or clip art
child-safe scissors
glue sticks
animal stickers


Display the pictures of animals in various locations outside of your school (on
a tree trunk, on the monkey bars, in a bush, on a fence, and so on).
What to Do
1. Explain the meaning of the word "safari:" an expedition, trip, or search.
2. Have the children line up and follow you outdoors.
3. Search for and identify real animals in your school yard (squirrels, birds, and so
on) or the toy animals on display.
4. Upon returning to the classroom, invite the children to make an animal
keepsake book of their own.
5. Help the children cut and paste pictures of animals into a blank paper
6. Encourage the children to "read" the animal book aloud to one another as
they talk about the fun safari adventure.
Consider the following:
* Display the animals in select places of the classroom. Can the children
identify these animals?
* Attach an assortment of animal stickers or pictures to a sheet of chart paper.
Provide a child with a pointer. Invite
Book: Learn Every Day About Animals
Center: Science/Discovery/Nature
Topic: Animals
Content: Science
Area: Cognitive
Age: 4 Years Old
Interaction: Small Group

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