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An Evening at Home


Three-ring binder
construction paper
Polaroid or digital camera
tote bag
My Special Family by Emily McCully


1. Create a cover for the binder with a title page, such as "An Evening at Home."
2. Assemble your "An Evening at Home" bag. Put the three-ring binder, My Special Family, and a digital or Polaroid camera in a tote bag, along with a letter of instruction to the parents (see below).
3. Let the children take turns taking the "An Evening at Home" bag home for one night.
4. The child may take up to four photographs of his family at home with the camera. Suggested photos might be one of the front of his home, his family at dinner, his bedroom, or the family involved in an activity together.
5. When the child brings the camera bag back, mount the photographs on construction paper. Let the child dictate a descriptive statement about the activity depicted in each photo. Print these statements on the construction paper and insert it into the three-ring binder. Laminate for durability or insert in protective plastic sleeves.
6. Remind the children to look at each other's photos and read each other's stories when they take the bag home.
7. Sample parent letter:

Dear Parents,
Welcome to our "An Evening at Home" program. In this bag, you will find a three-ring binder, a camera, and a copy of My Special Family by Emily McCully. Please allow your child to take up to four photos of your family at home. You might want a photo of the front of your home, your family at dinner, your child's bedroom or personal space, and your entire family involved in an activity together.
Take time to look at the other children's pages in the three-ring binder and read their stories with your child. Also, please read the enclosed book with your child and take the time to talk with your child about your own special family. Return this bag and all the contents tomorrow. We will help your child dictate a story about your photographs and add them to the binder. Thank you for participating in our program.
Book: The GIANT Encyclopedia of Kindergarten Activities
Center: Group or Circle Time
Topic: Family
Content: Literacy
Area: Language
Age: Kindergarten
Interaction: Individual Child

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