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A Bedtime Chart and Graph


two large sheets of paper


1. During group time, ask the children to talk about some of the things they do
before bed each night.
2. List all the activities mentioned on a large sheet of paper. During free choice
time, invite the children to illustrate the activities next to each one listed.
3. On a second sheet of paper, make a graph with numbers on the left side and
bedtime activities on the bottom.
4. At the next group time, explain how to use a graph and what kind of
information can be learned from them. Ask them to predict which bedtime
activity will have the highest score (i.e., most of the children do the activity)
and the lowest score (less children do the activity). For example, “Do you
think more people brush their teeth each night or take medicine each
5. Read each activity and ask the children to raise their hands if they do the
activity before bed each night. Color as many squares as appropriate for each
activity and compare your predictions.
6. If time allows, focus on the sequence of activities. For example, “Who brushes
their teeth first?” “Who puts on their pajamas before their bath?”
7. If available, photocopy their illustrations several times and ask the children to
cut and paste the sequence of events in whichever order they wish.

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