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5 Fun Fingerplays for Preschoolers

Fun Fingerplays for Preschoolers

Preschool fingerplays are a method of introducing critical pre-reading skills all in the package of fun preschool music and movement songs. Fingerplays for preschoolers also teach listening skills, order and sequence, memory skills, spatial awareness, imagination, and so much more!

Just when the day seems long and dull, introduce preschool music activities with these fun little fingerplays from the popular Gryphon House book The Complete Book and CD Set of Rhymes, Songs, Poems, Fingerplays, and Chants (Also available book-only, here). With more than 700 selections, this book by veteran educators Jackie Silberg and Pam Schiller will keep your students moving, singing, and learning all year long!


Baby Seeds

Theme connection:

  • Growing Things
  • Nature
  • Weather

In a milkweed cradle, snug and warm,

(close fingers into fist)

Baby seeds are hiding safe from harm.

Open wide the cradle, hold it high,

(open hand and hold it up high)

Come along wind, help them fly.

(wiggle fingers)



Theme Connections:

  • Colors
  • Weather

What's fluffy white and floats up high,

(point skyward)

Like a pile of cotton in the sky?

And when the wind blows hard and strong,

(wiggle fingers moving horizontally)

What very gently floats along?

(wiggle fingers moving downward)

What brings the rain?

(open hands palm up)

What brings the snow

That showers down on us below?

When you look up in the high blue sky,

(look up)

What is that thing you see float by?

(A cloud)


My Dog Rags

Theme Connections:

  • Dogs
  • Humor

I have a dog and his name is Rags,

(point to self)

He eats so much that his tummy sags,

(put hands together in front of stomach)

His ears flip flop and his tail wig wags,

(bend each hand at wrist)

And when he walks he zig, zig, zags!

(make an imaginary "Z" with index finger)


Two Little Blackbirds

Theme Connections:

  • Birds
  • Colors
  • Opposites

Two little blackbirds (hold up index finger of each hand)

Sitting on a hill.

One named Jack. (hold right hand/finger forward)

One named Jill. (hold left hand/finger forward)

Fly away, Jack. (wiggle right finger and place behind your back)

Fly away, Jill. (wiggle left finger and place behind your back)

Come back, Jack. (bring right hand back)

Come back, Jill. (bring left hand back)


Tommy Thumbs

Theme Connections:

  • Movement
  • Opposites
  • Parts of the body

Tommy Thumbs up and (thumbs up sign)

Tommy Thumbs down. (both thumbs down)

Tommy Thumbs dancing (dance thumbs)

All around the town.

Dance 'em on your shoulders. (bounce them on shoulders)

Dance 'em on your head. (dance thumbs on head)

Dance 'em on your knees. (dance thumbs on knees)

Tuck them into bed. (fold arms, hiding hands)

Peter Pointer up...

Toby Tall up...

Ring man up...

Baby Finger up...

Finger Family up...

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