Art Across the Alphabet

Over 100 Art Experiences that Enrich Early Literacy

Art Across the Alphabet
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  Author: Kelly Justus Campbell
ISBN: 9780876592892
Publisher: Gryphon House
Pages: 160,  © 2003
Item: 18396
Price: $14.95


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Art Across the Alphabet contains art-centered activities for children aged three to six to reinforce letter recognition, build phonemic awareness and pre-reading skills, and associate reading with FUN! The book links art and literacy seamlessly, explores the magic of language, and offers unique opportunities to create readers while creating art-from Airplane Wings to Zany Zoo Animals!

Children explore each letter creatively through:

  • A Letter of the Week focus that lets each letter take center stage
  • An Alphabet Gallery Activity that helps children discover each letter of the alphabet with a group activity, which is then displayed in an Alphabet Gallery around the room
  • Fun Letter Activities for every letter of the alphabet, which can be incorporated throughout your pre-reading curriculum
  • The Bridge Home, which are letters that contain ideas to send to parents so they can be involved in the learning process and reinforce the lessons at home


"When creative process meets the ABC's, you know it's a winner! I recommend this excellent book as must-have resource for anyone who works with-and loves-kids!-MaryAnn F. Kohl, award"

winning author of Preschool Art, First Art, and Great Artists

"So often I think that teachers resist using art materials for activities other than open-ended art. Art Across the Alphabet broadens the use of art materials. It so nicely blends all these materials on the art shelf with a wide variety of alphabet activities. Thus children are able to use the art materials to learn new language skills such as alphabet recognition, sounds, and sequence. My favorite part is the ongoing ALPHABET GALLERY. I can just see children having so much fun decorating each giant letter with different art materials and then hanging it in the special ALPHABET GALLERY. I encourage everyone to do it!"

Liz Wilmes, author of Parachute Play, The Circle Time Book, and the 2's Experience Series

Kelly Justus Campbell

Kelly Justus Campbell is a former elementary art teacher and preschool teacher. She earned her Bachelor of Fine Arts degree at Edinboro University of Pennsylvania, and her Early Childhood Teaching certificate from the Pennsylvania Department of Education. Kelly is the former Director/Teacher for Middleham and St. Peter's Day School and the current Director and Teacher for Salem United Methodist Preschool. In addition, she has been the Educational Director of the Animal Rescue League and the Pennsylvania Wildlife Center.

Kelly Justus Campbell lives in Pittsburgh, PA with her husband and three children.

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