Why Giving Students Classroom Jobs is Good for Everyone

Giving Students Classroom Jobs

Managing a pre-K classroom is hard work, even when teachers have a classroom management plan in place. From leading lessons and keeping track of students, to classroom organization, classroom management can seem very overwhelming at times. But how can teachers get extra help? Giving your little learners jobs as a teacher helper is a great way to help with your workload while boosting your students’ self-esteem and teaching them responsibility. Classroom jobs help students feel at place in the classroom, giving them a purpose beyond just “student.” For example, an otherwise shy child who doesn’t feel like they fit in could find their confidence and develop crucial social emotional skills and new friendships in the role of teacher helper.

Here are some classroom job ideas you can use in your classroom today!

Classroom Jobs

  • Line Leader:
    • This person’s job is to walk at the front of the line, setting the pace for the rest of the class!
  • Line Caboose:
    • This person walks last in line, making sure all the students are in line in front of them.
  • Learning Center Checker:
    • The center checker makes sure all learning centers are cleaned up and all materials are put away at the end of center time. If you have more than one center, multiple checkers may be a good idea.
  • Table Cleaner:
    • The table cleaner helps clean up tables after a meal, snack, or messy activity.
  • Supply Manager:
    • The supply manager helps the teacher hand out supplies for activities.