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Science Quote for Kids

We recently caught up with Gryphon House author and early childhood educator Dr. Robert Williams about integrating science into early childhood classrooms. We learned that even though young children may not have the language to describe what they are observing, they are still learning.

When we asked Dr. Bob what fascinates him about teaching young children, he said, "The minds of those little ones! They are so eager to learn—they will try almost anything... At age 4, they have the skills to make detailed observations, but we often can’t determine what they have observed because they don’t have the language or drawing skills to share. I think we limit kids’ science because we don’t think they’re capable of in-depth science explorations when they really just can’t tell us much about those observations."

Science for Kids | Gryphon House

So get those little hands making, noses smelling, tongues tasting, and eyes exploring their way through science! To learn more about science activities for preschoolers, read the full interview here.

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