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Books to Read to Get the Most Out of Play in Your Classroom

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Play is foundational to children's learning and development. It comes in many forms: object play, construction play, pretend play, rough and tumble play, games with rules, and often some combination of all of these at once! It may be solitary or social. Also, it can be freely chosen by and governed by children or guided by an adult. In this list you'll find books to inspire your plans to incorporate play in its many forms in your classroom.



Planning for Play

Strategies for Guiding Preschool Learning

Planning for Play helps educators understand the different types of play and the rich opportunities offered through carefully planned time and environments designed for valuable pre-K play experiences. Learn how to get the most out of the play in your classroom.


Play Today

Building the Young Brain through Creative Expression

Play Today shows you how to get the most out of children's playtime with thoughtful preparation, then stepping back and letting creativity and learning begin. With some simple props and donated items, you can transform your centers into rich and rewarding learning spaces for the children in your classroom.


The Possibilities of Play

Imaginative Learning Centers for Children

Dr. Jean, beloved author of dozens of books and songs, and coauthor Carolyn Kisloski bring you a collection of practical ideas and tips to inspire engagement and spark learning in your classroom centers—and, importantly, keep children coming back for more. Discover how you can help your children thrive in learning centers.



Integrating Inquiry into Learning Centers

STEM Play offers valuable ideas for materials and lessons to use during learning center time. By giving children fun challenges that involve inquiry, imagination, planning, creating, and reflection, you just might find that their learning expands to exponential proportions. Give them the tools and let them play!

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