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Books for Smooth Transitions in Early Childhood

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Any parent, caregiver, or early childhood professional knows that transition times can be tough for children! This includes not only big transitions like those from preschool to kindergarten, but also small daily transitions from waking up, to circle time, to activity time, to clean up time, to nap time, to departures. For young children, these small daily transitions and segments within the day seem quite big! In this list, you will find resources to help take the stress out of transition times by providing teachers with effective strategies to help children focus their attention in positive ways, engaging transition activities, as well as creative chants, songs, fingerplays, games, and more!



Simple Transitions for Infants & Toddlers

This book offers hundreds of practical, easy, and fun activities, tips, and techniques to help infants and toddlers handle themselves in time and space so that they know what to expect and what is expected of them. The result is more relaxed and secure children. 

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Teachable Transitions

190 Activities to Move from Morning Circle to the End of the Day

Filled with movement activities, games, fingerplays, chants, and songs, Teachable Transitions offers a variety of ways for your preschoolers to move through their day. Thanks to transitions that are both fun and educational, the minutes between planned activities become moments that children actually look forward to.

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Transition Time

Let's Do Something Different

Turn stressful transition times into fun learning experiences with the practical, simple activities in Transition Time. From Good Morning to Circle Time to Clean-Up, every part of the day is addressed with appropriate, imaginative activities.

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Transition Tips and Tricks

For Teachers

This book brings you more attention-grabbing, creative activities for transitions that will provide children with an outlet for wiggles, while giving their brains a jump start with cross-lateral movement games.

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The GIANT Encyclopedia of Transition Activities for Children 3 to 6

Over 600 Activities Created by Teachers for Teachers

This book contains hundreds of accessible teacher-written transition activities that teachers will be able to use to fill a spare minute, help children calm down, wait for another activity, and much more. 

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Through a Child’s Eyes

How Classroom Design Inspires Learning and Wonder

This book will transform the way you interpret classroom design! Help ease transitions for children into and around the classroom by taking an approach to classroom design that begins and ends with the child's viewpoint.

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Rethinking the Classroom Landscape

Creating Environments That Connect Young Children, Families, and Communities

This book invites educators and administrators to rethink the traditional classroom, and to create an environment that enhances young children's sense of belonging and connection, easing transitions from home to school. 

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The Encyclopedia of Infant and Toddler Activities, revised

This book is full of activities, explorations, tips, and information to help you understand how to support the littlest learners, including during transition times.

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The Complete Resource Book for Infants

Over 700 Experiences for Children from Birth to 18 Months

The Complete Resource Book for Infants is a collection of experiences and activities that maximize learning and development for children from birth to eighteen months, icluding activities that help with transitions. 

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