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Books for Encouraging Movement and Physical Development in Infants, Toddlers, and Two-Year-Olds

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Babies and toddlers naturally want to move, discover their own abilities, and explore the physical world around them. In this list of resources, parents and caregivers will discover how to use this natural desire for movement to fuel physical development, build the body-brain connection, and help infant, toddlers, and two-year-olds master basic physical skills through structured and unstructured play. When a child feels comfortable moving, exploring, and investigating their surroundings, the possibilities for their continued learning and development are endless!



Encouraging Physical Activity in Infants

This book reveals how caregivers of infants can encourage muscle development as well as strength and balance with simple activities done with infants as young as six weeks old. Learn how your active involvement in simple activities can help infants: develop their senses of hearing, sight, and touch; keep their bodies healthy and active; and develop good posture, strength, balance, and tracking skills. 

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Encouraging Physical Activity in Toddlers

While toddlers are on the move constantly, this book reveals how adults can model new movements and skills to lay the foundation for them to enjoy physical activity as they grow and develop. Encouraging Physical Activity in Toddlers shows parents and caregivers how they can help toddlers develop important physical skills through structured and unstructured play—skills that will last a lifetime!

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A Moving Child is a Learning Child

How the Body Teaches the Brain to Think

Grounded in best practices and current research, this hands-on resource connects the dots that link brain activity, motor and sensory development, movement, and early learning. Teachers, parents, and caregivers will find a wealth of information, actionable tips, and games they can use to support children’s healthy development—all presented in a lively, full-color format with demonstrative diagrams and photos.

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Little Walks, Big Adventures

50+ Ideas for Exploring with Toddlers

This book offers 50+ ideas for taking toddlers on exploratins in your local community. While you walk, young children will have rich opportunities for learning new vocabulary and developing cognitive, language, math, and motor skills—as well as gaining excellent excercise and fresh air! 

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Move, Play, and Learn with Smart Steps

Sequenced Activities to Build the Body and the Brain

Build the body-brain connection with step-by-step activities that help children develop physical, cognitive, social, and emotional foundations for early learning and school readiness. Early childhood educators will find clear information on creating the move-to-learn environment, managing safety, and optimizing the connections between language development, movement, and readiness for formal learning.

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Games to Play With Babies— Third Edition

With over 240 fun-filled games, this book encourages the development of happy, trusting babies who will become happy, trusting toddlers.

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Games to Play With Toddlers— Revised Edition

This indispensable book helps you develop areas important for the growth of your 12-to 24-month-old—areas such as language, creativity, coordination, confidence, problem-solving, and gross motor skills.

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Go Anywhere Games for Babies

This book is filled with nearly 70 fun games to keep babies' minds stimulated wherever they are— in the waiting room, on the bus, or right at home. 

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Baby & Beyond: Sound and Music

Progression in Play for Babies and Children

This unique book contains ideas for introducing and extending experiences of sound and music for babies and young children. Each full page spread contains a range of experiences and a selection of ideas for each of the four developmental stages from birth to three, and extends this progression into the early stepping stones for the preschool years.

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Baby & Beyond: Movement and Beat

Profession in Play for Babies and Children

Provides educators with ideas for supporting the progression of vital fine motor skills, the control of large and fine muscles, and the ability to feel, copy and continue a steady beat, all of which are essential for learning and particularly for learning to read.

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