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Books for Creating Mindful, Nurturing, & Peaceful Learning Environments

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In an increasingly busy, stimulating, and technological world, it is imperative that parents and educators create environments for children where they can feel safe and nurtured in order to learn. From being present and sparking joy to managing challenging behavior and chaos, this book list gives parents, caregivers, and educators the tools and best practices they need to create mindful, nurturing, and peaceful environments where children can be themselves, learn, and grow. 


Find the Joyful Leader Within

Banishing Burnout in Early Childhood Education

Change your life and transform your leadership by embarking on a joyful journey today. Discover ways to rise now by implementing strategies to help you become a more joyful leader. Find ways to shine on the individuals that you lead and inspire them to be more joyful. Filled with real-life examples of early childhood educators leading with joy, each chapter concludes with discussion questions, a reflection activity, and an action plan.

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The Power of Presence

A Guide to Mindfulness Practices in Early Childhood

The Power of Presence: A Guide to Mindfulness Practices in Early Childhood offers insight and information to help you transform your teaching by learning how to pause, notice your surroundings, and simply be. Learn ways to spark joy, elevate well-being, and promote a deeper sense of inquiry, both personally and with others—young and old. Learn ways to consciously plant seeds of mindfulness at home, in the classroom, and around the world. 

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Inspiring Professional Growth

Empowering Strategies to Lead, Motivate, and Engage Early Childhood Teachers

In Inspiring Professional Growth, the follow-up to Inspiring Early Childhood Leadership addresses the need for offering to nurture and empower professional development. This book provides leaders with a framework to create a system that supports teachers throughout their careers.

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Effective Discipline Policies

How to Create a System that Supports Young Children's Social-Emotional Competence

Challenging behaviors can derail an early childhood classroom, and punishment and exclusion aren’t the answer. Young children need support and instruction to help them learn how to cooperate, listen, share, and interact positively with their peers and with adults. Where to start? Effective Discipline Policies will be your go-to resource.

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Developing and Implementing Effective Discipline Policies

A Practical Guide for Early Childhood Consultants, Coaches, and Leaders

Learn how to rethink discipline policies, strengthen team spirit, and implement policy changes with Developing and Implementing Effective Discipline Policies, the workbook companion to the award-winning book Effective Discipline Policies. 

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From Biting to Hugging

Understanding Social Development in Infants and Toddlers

With the increase in both parents working outside the home during the last two decades, infants and toddlers are spending more time together in infant/toddler programs and family child-care homes. From Biting to Hugging will give you effective strategies to help you take advantage of this peer time.

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The Insightful Teacher

Reflective Strategies to Shape Your Early Childhood Classroom

Filled with concrete examples and effective approaches to common classroom problems, this detailed handbook provides positive strategies for handling unwanted behavioral challenges. By individualizing the needs of each student using the methods espoused in this handbook, educators will cultivate a supportive classroom setting based on emotional expression and conflict resolution.

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Zen Parenting

The Art of Learning What You Already Know

Zen Parenting is filled with touching, inspiring, and humorous anecdotes about what it means to parent in today's world. This short story format allows readers to easily grasp and apply Zen concepts in their own lives. It offers practical insights into using the Zen practice of non-judgmental awareness to deal with the day-to-day chaos and joy of parenting.

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Being with Babies

Understanding and Responding to the Infants in Your Care

Being with Babies teaches caregivers how to handle everyday challenges while learning about developmental stages. This hands-on resource is perfect for caregivers of children 6 weeks to 18 months old, as well as for staff development and resource libraries.

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Preschool Classroom Management

150 Teacher-Tested Techniques

An essential resource that all teachers will appreciate! Written by two experienced teachers, Preschool Classroom Management offers solutions and suggestions to help you tackle behavior issues in the classroom. Chapters include working with challenging behaviors, teaching alternative behaviors, building a caring community in the classroom, teacher tips and techniques, and dealing with daily routines and schedules.

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Sanity Savers

200 Quick Fixes for Everything from Big Messes to Small Budgets

From clean-up solutions to storage ideas to inventive cost-cutting strategies, and everything in between, this book will truly help you keep your sanity in the classroom! Use the creative suggestions to help children resolve conflicts and solve problems, to deal with interruptions in the classroom, and to utilize your small space effectively. Sanity Savers helps solve everyday problems, giving you more time to teach and enjoy the children in your classroom.

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