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Books for Active Learning Outdoors

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Countless adventures and active learning opportunities await outside! This list of books below builds on young children's natural inclination for movement and focuses on the whole development of the child by providing caregivers and teachers with activities, games, and explorations to enhance the outdoor active learning experience.

Little Walks Big Adventures

50+ Ideas for Exploring with Toddlers

While most activity books encourage indoor explorations, countless adventures and learning opportunities await outside! Going for a walk or exploring the local community can bring about much more than just exercise. Little Walks, Big Adventures helps you teach your toddler about his/her surroundings through fun and adventurous local explorations, outdoor games, and activities that promote and enhance learning. 



Seasons of Play

Natural Environments of Wonder

Recent research has drawn the link between children’s brain development and time spent in the natural environment. Every child deserves a safe play to play, supportive adults to watch him grow, and an environment that offers endless possibilities. In Seasons of Play, Rusty Keeler takes readers on a photographic journey through real child care centers that have embraced his philosophy that natural play environments create new opportunities for children to explore and grow.

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Banish Boredom

Activities to Do with Kids That You'll Actually Enjoy

Taking a lighthearted approach to the serious business of parenting, Banish Boredom helps parents find activities that they enjoy, while their children learn and have fun. Rebecca Green takes readers on an inspiring journey using beautiful color photos that she took of her children doing activities she describes in the book. Taking a lighthearted approach to the serious business of parenting, Banish Boredom helps parents find activities that they enjoy, while their children learn and have fun. Green suggests ways for parents to maintain their own identities and pursue their own interests while raising children who are creative, confident and independent thinkers. 

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Encouraging Physical Activity in Infants

Babies are naturally active, and their movements help them explore their environment. They first move involuntarily, based on reflexes, and then learn to move more independently as their bodies grow stronger and they begin to investigate the world around them.

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Encouraging Physical Activity in Toddlers

Toddlers are on the move almost constantly! Even though encouraging physical activity is not a problem, you can model new movements and skills and lay the foundation for them to enjoy physical activity as they grow.

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Encouraging Physical Activity in Preschoolers

Preschoolers are constantly using their bodies to play and learn, whether you encourage activity or not. You can help them stay active as they grow by providing instruction in physical skills, motivating them to develop strength and fluid movements, and challenging them to improve their skill levels.

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Let's Take it Outside!

Teacher-Created Activities for Outdoor Learning

Children love outdoor play.  Now teachers can combine the magic and excitement of the outdoors with activities that encourage and support learning! With more than 100 new teacher-created, classroom-tested outdoor activities, Let’s Take It Outside! engages children’s minds and bodies as they explore the limitless bounds of the outdoors while also building key skills in areas like math, literacy and language, science, art, and music.

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3-2-1: Time for Parachute Fun

Children love parachute play. They get the chance to move around, be silly, and have fun. But there's more to parachute play than games. The activities in 3-2-1: Time for Parachute Fun are sure to get kids laughing while they're learning to count, cooperate, follow directions, and move their bodies in new ways.

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Sand and Water Play

Simple, Creative Activities for Young Children

Learn creative new ways to help children think and discover on their own, with over 70 sand and water table ideas. Designed for children ages three to six, Sand and Water Play introduces fun materials like aquarium rocks, birdseed, mud, rock salt, and more to engage children's minds and hands. A must for anyone with a sand and water table!

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Go Anywhere Games for Babies

The packable, portable book of infant development and bonding!

Nearly 70 fun games designed to play on the bus, in the waiting room, at the park, or right at home. Written by the best-selling baby game author Jackie Silberg, it's printed on extra-heavy coated paper for maximum durability, and uses a special binding that lies flat on any surface-even a parent's knee! Sections include games for babies birth to 3 months, 3-6 months, 6-9 months and 9-12 months, plus a bonus section of going-to-sleep games.

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