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7 Ways to Build Holiday Resilience

Before Christmas arrives and procrastination comes to a climax, we would like to share information on a topic that doesn’t get much attention during the holiday season. There are enough winter activities for you and your children to fill your house to the brim, but we would like to talk about the most important part of a child: the inside. With financial and time constraints, it is only natural that stress comes hand in hand with the holidays. But it’s easy to forget that children feel that stress too. Nefertiti Bruce, an early childhood specialist and national trainer at the Devereux Center for Resilient Children, a nonprofit behavioral healthcare organization, emphasizes looking beyond the craze of the holidays to build personal resilience in parents and their children by rediscovering the season's original values: thankfulness, family and laughter. Teaching your child to be resilient by putting resilience on display will not only help them stave off stress but will also give them a life approach throughout their whole education.

7 Ways to Build Holiday Resilience:

  • Grow in Gratitude: Appreciate the small things in life. Ask questions such as, “What am I thankful for?”
  • Ask for Help: Asking others for things outside of our power is not a sign of weakness but rather opens us up to new opportunities and experiences.
  • Laugh out Loud: Having a sense of humor is always healthy. Laughing helps us alleviate stress and evaluate our sense of well-being.
  • Listen Deeply: When we truly listen to each other, it increases our chances of forming meaningful relationships. Find a moment to put away all of the technology for a few hours and share stories about your week.
  • Make Time for a Hobby: Investing ourselves in something we love fills us with a sense of pride and confidence in our self-worth. We aren’t defined by our work, but it individualizes us.
  • Practice Self-Calming Techniques: What soothes you? Listening to calming music or picking up your favorite book can be the perfect way to decompress.
  • Rest: This one’s important! Make sure you are well rested with 8 hours of sleep a night to ensure both mental and physical health.

To read the full article on building holiday resilience, click here. We hope these tips help keep stress levels to a minimum over the holidays.


Social emotional learning in children is becoming prevalent as they have to face more and more both in and out of school. For more information on social emotional learning, Gryphon House has the following resources:

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