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Award for Inclusive Lesson Plans throughout the Year:

Earlyhildhood News Director's Choice Award

Award for Preschool Classroom Management:

Teacher's Choice Award

Reviews for Themes for Inclusive Classrooms:

 "Teachers who have developing young children as well as special needs kids in their classes receive a powerful collection of lesson plans complete with materials lists, group activity objectives, assessment strategies, and modifications to make the lesson plans accessible for all children, including those with special needs.....Very highly recommended as a keystone acquisition for any early education library."

The Midwest Book Review, January 2009

Reviews for Inclusive Lesson Plans throughout the Year:

"This is an ideal resource for the teacher seeking strategies that include all students in classroom lessons and activities. This is the 'answer book' for teachers and other educators who struggle to find methods that work to create meaningful and effective accommodations for activities for kids with disabilities. The organization and straight-forward writing style make the book pick-up accessable. You can open it in the middle and immediately access and use the information. The authors crisply explain accomodation practices, enabling the reader to apply the principles in virtually any lesson plan. Parents, families, and community educators (religion teachers, recreation instructors, etc.) will find this book equally useful. EP proudly awards this book the EP Symbol of Excellence."

Exceptional Parent Magazine

"Inclusive Lesson Plans uses a seasonal framework with standard themes. In the fall, for example, lessons include 'All about me' and 'The senses.' Six to 16 hands-on activities support each theme with specific guidance on accommodations for children with disabilities. Inclusive Lesson Plans and The Inclusive Learning Center Book share a significant strength. They are both enthusiastic about helping teachers building meaningful preschool experiences for every child - and offer tools to help every teacher succeed. The introductions of both books review the basics of early childhood education. Each offers both experienced and novice teachers ideas for expanding traditional themes. Both books provide guidance on modifications and accommodations for chidren with disabilities. But most importantly, both ofer support to programs and teachers who want to make the successful inclusion of children with disabilities a hallmark of their work."

Texas Child Care

"The seasonal activities include a range of modifications to tailor each lesson to a child's ability level. Designed for educators, it's also suitable for home schooling parents."

—San Diego Family Magazine

"This wonderful resource book contains over 150 lessons for teachers who have children with special needs in their early childhood classrooms.Inclusive Lesson Plans Throughout the Year helps new teachers develop plans for each day and provides veteran teachers with new ideas and approaches to add spark to their classroom teaching. Each lesson plan is complete with learning objectives, the lesson, a review, materials list, directions for preparation, an assessment component, extension activities to connect the lesson to different areas of the curriculum, and adaptations or modifications for children with a variety of special needs."

—Early Childhood News

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