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Praise for The Homegrown Preschooler:

"The book is just overflowing with wonderful information about why learning at home is so beneficial for our littlest children. How they benefit from a rich and comfortable family environment. They cover child development and explain how children's social, emotional, physical, and cognitive domains grow so richly in a fruitful and playful environment."


Praise for 101 Easy, Wacky, Crazy Activities for Young Children:

"This little gem of a paperback will supply them with loads of exciting new ideas and reminders of a few old favorites, which will delight their charges."

—Kay Lou King, Laguna Beach Library/ Orange County Public Library

"I didn't actually count them, but there are LOTS of easy, fun activities for young children (or the young at heart) that should chase away any hint of boredom, or answer the question 'What can I do now?'"

—Laverne Nelson, Research Associate University of Arkansas

"Several new teachers in our school have asked to borrow 101 Easy, Wacky, Crazy Activities for Young Children to begin the year and I will share it with pleasure."

—Anne Waldruff

Review for Solutions for Early Childhood Directors:

"The author addresses many issues that child care center directors might face, using an easy-to-read format that emphasizes her personal experiences directing nonprofit, for-profit, and corporate early childhood programs. Solutions are offered for everything from recruiting staff to learning children's names."

—ACEI Annual Theme