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For Zen Parenting:

iParenting Media Award

National Parenting Publications Award

Praise for Zen Parenting:

"The calm philosophy and gentle voice of Zen Parenting will teach parents how to listen to the best experts they'll ever know--themselves--so they can create the kind of family that will suit them best."

--Marguerite Kelly, The Washington Post

"I treasure this book."

--Bob Scott, Editor-in-Chief, Spirituality & Health

"Original and inspiring!"

--Dr. Lauren Bradway, author

"What a delightful gift authors Judith Costello and Jurgen Haver have given all parents (and parents-to-be) with Zen Parenting! This little book is sure to be referred to again and again. Like reassuring friends, the authors offer a wealth of ideas for approaching parenting from a compassionate perspective, one that honors the opportunities found in every moment for learning, acceptance, grace, and joy. Covering a spectrum of concerns ranging from self-condemnation to clutter, Costello and Haver have created a resource that will inspire gentle growth in both parent and child."

--Maggie Oman Shannon, author

"Every mom and dad who reads Zen Parenting will surely benefit from this joyful, life-affirming book."

--Richard Mahler, author

"I loved reading Zen Parenting... every page contains lessons in tolerance, letting go, and loving without expectation... This gentle, easy-reading book is for parents of all ages."

--Abby Lederman, MEd, author and certified parenting instructor

"This will be at the top of my list of books for parents who want to deepen in consciousness as they raise their children."

--Candace V. Sinclair, MA, LCPC

"This is a beautiful, gentle book... Read it as a gift to yourself."

--Kathy Oldershaw, RN, MSN

"In today's overstressed, overscheduled world, parenting often becomes a series of challenges in which we miss what children can teach us. Costello and Haver offer an alternative to the typical parenting book on control and discipline. In Zen Parenting, the joys of parenting and the magic of childhood are illuminated in personal stories and universal lessons. Every parent would gain from reading this book, reflecting on their own stories and learning from the wisdom of their own experiences."

Dr. Scott Blackwell, clinical psychologist

"Zen Parenting... addresses the full spectrum of parenting concerns in a clear, concise format that busy, active parents will appreciate and return to again and again."

--Maria Housden, author

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