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Lynne peterson brown

Lynne Peterson Brown

Lynne Peterson Brown holds a BA and teaching certification from Sam Houston State University.

Lynne Peterson Brown lives in Rockport, Texas.

Awards for Count on Math:

  • Earlychildhood News Director's Choice Award
  • Parent's Council Award

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Reviews of Count on Math:

"Fun for kids and parents alike."

Advocate Magazine

"A necessity for anyone who works with children in this age range: moms, teacher, homeschoolers, etc."

—Reviews from Parent's Council

"Teachers and parents will appreciate an organization which attends to teaching concepts sequentially, using everyday materials. Kids can progress at their own speed using this title's clear explorations."

—The Midwest Book Review

"For parents looking for rainy day activities, this book is filled with suggestions which will interest your child while developing their intellect.... I recommend this book highly for parents wanting to give their children the tools to excel-but still want them to be kids."

Indy's Child

"An activity-oriented program for use by teachers or parents teaching three- to seven- year olds about math. There are also many suggestions for home activity if the program is being used in school or preschool."

—Science Books & Films

"With over 450 activities, this book contains a wealth of practical and entertaining learning experiences to help young children grow up liking mathematics."

—Teaching Children Mathematics


Books by Lynne Peterson Brown

Count On Math
4 Stars
Price: $24.95

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