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Constant hine

Constant Hine

Constant Hine lives in Denver, Colorado.  Constant is an early childhood consultant, adult educator, coach, and author.   She works with educators, care-givers, business professionals, and managers throughout North America.  Constant has an M.A. in Education.  

Constant has been the owner and president of Horizons In Learning since 1988. Horizons In Learning offers professional development services including: college level courses, seminars, consulting, mentoring, coaching.  Agency-level services are also offered, including group/retreat facilitation and organizational transition consulting.

Horizons In Learning specializes in facilitating respectful learning for sustainable change for individuals and teams to increase their skills and perspectives to be more effective and to deepen professional practices that support educators who work with children and families. In addition, Horizons In Learning supports individuals to handle stress proactively, to promote respectful relationships and communication, and to create sustainable positive habits. Horizons In Learning also offers customized and personal help to organizations when they need to proactively respond to change and move efficiently and effectively through implementation actions.

Constant is known as a coach's coach, broadening and deepening the skills and mastery of coaches and mentors.  Over 15 years ago Constant Hine developed a Coaching For Success Program, a model for facilitating ongoing professional development efforts using a continuum of intentional facilitation strategies. 


Books by Constant Hine