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Beverly kovach

Beverly Kovach

Beverly A. Kovach, MN, has been working with and consulting in early childhood centers for more than 30 years. She consults with Magda Gerber's Resources for Infant Educarers (RIE) center in Los Angeles as a mentor teacher and board member. Beverly established the first RIE satellite training center in Melbourne, Florida, and lives in nearby Satellite Beach. She is a Montessori teacher trainer, a consultant trainer, and a regular presenter at national and international conferences.

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"An essential resource for professionals providing care and education for infants. This work is well written, easy to understand and sound in philosophy. Can be used as the base for professional development for childcare centre teams. Also easy enough to understand for parents and caregivers who are not trained educators."

"I am a parent and this book was designed for care centers for babies, but I found it very helpful! I love how respectful the authors are of babies, and it was very easy & enjoyable to read. I hope all babies can have such a sensitive and aware environment. Hurray!"


"This book is an excellent guide for teaching children 6 weeks to 18 months old in group care settings and a useful professional development tool for directors and teacher educators."

—from New Books review section of Young Children, November 2008

"......Being With Babies deserves recognition as an essential resource in every infant room."

—Texas Child Care, Winter 2008


Books by Beverly Kovach

Being with Babies
4 Stars
Price: $29.95