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Between the lions

Between the Lions Staff

The Between the Lions television program was created by award-winning producers of high-quality educational children’s television working closely with literacy experts, reading specialists, and teachers from around the country. The curriculum framework was built on a strong foundation of evidence-based research about how children learn to read. Since before the first episode premiered in April 2000, Between the Lions was the subject of numerous independent research studies assessing the effectiveness of the series in achieving its literacy goals; these studies showed that Between the Lions had a significant impact on increasing children’s literacy. Between the Lions was produced by WGBH Boston, Sirius Thinking, Ltd., and Mississippi Public Broadcasting.

More About Between the Lions Staff

What Does a Lion Say? won the National Parenting Publications Award

Emmy Awards: Outstanding Pre-School Children's Series, 2009; Outstanding Writing in a Children's Series - 2008 & 2009

[about What Does a Lion Say?] "Are your kids busy with after-school and weekend activities that keep your family in the car? Enliven the commute with more than 75 games guaranteed to tickle brain, tongue and funny bone. The staff of the award-winning PBS program "Between the Lions" gets the metaphorical ball rolling with poem pickles, alphabet fun and silly sports. You can stick to their suggestions or adapt to your own kids' interests. An important bonus: the games help foster a rich pre-literacy environment for the little one along for the ride to an older sibling's soccer game or piano lesson."

--Washington Parent

[about Wild About Group Time] "My students love Between the Lions, and we often show the DVDs in class. I grouped them up and they used these activities to enhance their literacy skills."

"I think the vocabulary used is fantastic and would be very useful in increasing my students word knowledge. The many themes encompassed in the book, would also encourage a multicultural curriculum."

"I would recommend this book to a teacher who needs a great literary resource. It is a fun way to get students engaged in the process."

--teacher reviews

Between the Lions episodes are available on YouTube.com


Books by Between the Lions Staff

Between the Lions Cleo Plush
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Wild About Literacy
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Wild About Group Time
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Price: $24.95
What Does a Lion Say?
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L Is for Lion
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Wild About Learning Centers
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