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For Prop Box Play: Teacher's Choice Award

See Play Today in action as Dr. Barbour leads this engaging webinar on edWeb. Register and receive a free CE certificate for watching!


Praise for Prop Box Play:

"This book should be in every early childhood classroom and used as another 'teacher' with great ideas... I certainly see this as a wonderful must-have tool for early childhood educators and parents, too."

--Mary Myron, ETSU, University School

"I teach in a community where the parents are still pushing academics for preschool. This book enables me to make my class age appropriate in teaching the children what is important to them."

--Anne Waldruff, River Road Preschool

"There is a concise but thorough introduction about the importance of dramatic play that will be especially helpful to the novice teacher. The reader is reminded of the value of gender and cultural inclusiveness... A valuable addition to the early childhood library!"

--Dr. Patricia Kuby, Athens State University

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