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For Literacy Play:

Early Childhood News Directors' Choice Award

iParenting Media Award

Praise for Sand and Water Play:

"...In working with children who have severe emotional problems, I know the importance that a well-planned sand and water table can have in advancing children's understanding of the world and themselves. These strategies can make a dull classroom good and a good classroom great. These activities will provide the parent or teacher who is in search of something, besides dittos and television, that will keep their child's interest and advance their child's knowledge and creativity."

--Jim Bird, PhD, chairman, licensed psychologist, College of Education, Child & Family Studies, Weber State University

"As a kindergarten teacher with ten years' teaching experience in preschool and kindergarten, I feel that a sand and water table is an essential tool to have in the classroom. This book provides a teacher with information and a variety of activities that will help children develop a foundation for language, math, science, and social skills. I have used some of these activities in my classroom and feel that they greatly enhance the learning experience for the child. I would highly recommend this book to any pre-school or kindergarten teacher."

--Kelly Peters, South Weber Elementary School

"Technology is making the world of children more and more abstract. First, they need many rich and varied experiences using all their senses to lay the groundwork. This book offers many such activities that will abort children's attention. Teachers will find helpful tips for enhancing learning and some great recipes."

--Karen Miller, author

"SAND! WATER! and BEYOND! Now I can set up activities for art, construction, gardens, bubbles, science, and so much more right in my sand and water table."

--Liz Wilmes, author

"I really like this book. Why? It gives objectives in terms of child development to make planning for individual children's needs easy. It gives tips, questions, and spotlight words to make it even easier. It gives specific activity directions but also encourages the children to explore in their own ways, not just the 'teacher's way.' Thanks. It's a great one!"

--Sue Kowaleski, Southern Adirondack Child Care Network