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‘Helping Them Heal’ Wins Association of American Publishers REVERE Award

How to Help Traumatized Children

"Practical yet authoritative information, presented clearly with plenty of stories and helpful lists. The information is well-organized and accessible--for example, the 'Five Things We Know' at the beginning of each chapter and the 'Ideas for Practice' at the end of each chapter." - REVERE Awards Review


Dr. Karen L. Peterson’s Helping Them Heal has won an Association of American Publishers REVERE Award for Professional Resources in the People and Populations category.  Helping Them Heal provides early childhood educators with answers, ideas, and specific classroom strategies to move trauma-affected children in positive directions. "Those working with young children would benefit from reading this book and would almost certainly come back to reference it throughout their careers," read one of the REVERE Awards reviews. 

The REVERE Awards identify and honor excellence in high quality products that support teaching and learning. The main objective of the program is to help teachers, parents, and the educational community by identifying the most effective resources for teaching and learning. No other competition has had the longevity and success of the REVERE Awards, and other awards cannot match the prestige of winning a REVERE Award.


Learn more about the REVERE Awards here and read more of reviews of Helping Them Heal here.

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