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Hands-On Science and Math Reviewed on The Educators’ Spin

Parenting blog "The Educators' Spin On It" recently reviewed Beth Rosenthal Davis' "Hands-On Science and Math: Fun, Fascinating Activities for Young Children." 

Read their great assessment of the hands-on activities and watch their video featuring one of the activities in action!

From the blog:

My grade school children have less than 30 minutes a day for science.  I know that this is a VERY short time for teachers to prepare and carry out a hands-on experience. Sadly, that means much of science in school is reading from non-fiction text, filling out worksheets, and watching short video clips on science topics.  As a parent, it has been my mission to enrich their after school learning with a minimum of one hands-on science experiment at home every week.

To read an excerpt or get your own copy of "Hands-On Science and Math," click here!

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