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Gryphon House Releases Treasure Basket Explorations

Lewisville, N.C. – The first three years of life are critical years for cognitive and language development, and teachers and caregivers can nurture this growth using simple open-ended explorations. Treasure Basket Explorations: Heuristic Learning for Infants and Toddlers showcases the capabilities of infants and toddlers in new and exciting ways using the theory of heuristic play developed by early education pioneer Elinor Goldschmied.

“Heuristic” learning means discovery by trial and error: a baby feeling a rock, poking sand, or smelling a flower. Teachers can encourage brain building by setting up treasure baskets that encourage heuristic play: containers filled with easy-to-find items that support explorations in emergent language, math, and science skills. 

“Many teachers already use sensory containers in their infant and toddler rooms but haven’t taken the next step to make it a heuristic discovery,” said author Laura Wilhelm, EdD. “When they set up their rooms and treasure baskets with intention and use developmentally appropriate activities or experiences with them, teachers will be wowed by how engaged the children are.”

Treasure Basket Explorations: Heuristic Learning for Infants and Toddlers is available for pre-order now. To request a free excerpt or e-galley copy, contact anna@ghbooks.com.

ISBN 978-0-87659-575-6; 80 pp.; PB; $12.95.

About the Author

Laura Wilhelm, EdD, is an associate professor of early childhood education at the Petree College of Arts and Sciences, Oklahoma City University. Over the past 29 years, Laura has taught pre-K, kindergarten, and first and third grades in urban and suburban schools; has directed a laboratory school; and has taught graduate and undergraduate courses for teachers, administrators and childcare providers at the University of Central Oklahoma, Oklahoma State University, Missouri State University, Northwestern Oklahoma State University, Northern Oklahoma College, and the University of Oklahoma. Laura has also enjoyed teaching short courses and facilitating study tours in Germany, England, Wales, Belgium, France, and Italy. Her current research interests include best classroom practice, nature literacy, and urban education. Laura loves spending time with her husband, Mike, son, Joseph, and daughter, Allyn.

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