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Gryphon House Releases Through a Child’s Eyes

Gryphon House, Inc. announces Through a Child’s Eyes: How Classroom Design Inspires Learning and Wonder, revealing the key component educators often forget when designing a classroom: the child’s perspective. The resource book features research-backed strategies to leverage design to positively affect learning and engagement.

While “classroom design” continues to be a top search term on Pinterest, educators are missing a key point that stimulates learning and reduces challenging behaviors. A 2015 Salford University study found that a classroom’s environment can affect student progress by as much as 25 percent. The built environment can impact performance the most (75 percent).

“Most classroom-design books focus on appearance and overlook function from a child’s viewpoint and key learnings from developmental psychology,” said Sandra Duncan, EdD. “Children experience classrooms far differently than adults. The effect of early childhood environments on young children’s development and learning is so significant that it has been deemed the ‘third teacher,’ after families and educators.”

Sandra Duncan, EdD, Jody Martin, and Sally Haughey provide educators with strategies to critically examine and improve their classrooms. With beautiful and detailed before-and-after photography, the authors depict ways educators can use their physical spaces to stimulate learning, encourage positive behavior and instill a sense of childhood wonder.

About the Authors

Sandra Duncan, EdD, is coauthor of Inspiring Spaces for Young Children, the Rating Observation Scale for Inspiring Environments (ROSIE), and Rethinking the Classroom Landscape. She is a sought-after speaker on developing child-centered, peaceful, welcoming learning spaces.

Jody Martin is the professional-learning content manager for Frog Street Press and is a dynamic presenter and recognized leader in the field of early childhood education.

Sally Haughey is the founder of Fairy Dust Teaching. After 20 years of teaching in various school settings, she has committed herself to what she loves most: inspiring teachers. 

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