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Gryphon House Releases Simple STEAM: 50+ Science Technology Engineering Art Math Activities for Ages

Gryphon House, Inc. announces Simple STEAM, an activity book to help young learners build 21st-century skills and prepare for kindergarten through easy and approachable activities.

Authors Marnie Forestieri, CDA, and Debby Mitchell, EdD, bring parents and teachers a fresh approach to STEM and STEAM learning that sparks curiosity and critical thinking in early childhood. Children explore STEAM concepts through entertaining, engaging and approachable activities that prepare them to be ready to learn in kindergarten. Each activity demonstrates how STEAM relates to the real world, while helping children build at least one 21st-century skill—from collaboration and communication to creativity and problem solving.

“While parents and caregivers are eager to help children learn, we often hear that teaching young children complicated scientific and mathematical concepts can be intimidating, even unapproachable,” said Forestieri. “We created this book to show parents and teachers they don’t need to be scientists or engineers to teach children the foundations of problem solving and critical thinking. We want them to see how teaching and learning complex topics like science and engineering can be both fun and approachable.”

Simple STEAM will be widely available April 1, 2018. The book is available for preorder now. To request a free excerpt or e-galley copy, contact ashleigh@ghbooks.com.


About the Authors

Marnie Forestieri, CDA, is founder and chief learning officer at Amazing Explorers Academy and the STEM SQUAD. One of her centers has been recognized as the center of the year by FACCM, and she was a finalist for the Director of the Year Award. She holds a BS in business administration, a CDA, and a director's credential.

Debby Mitchell, EdD, recently retired from the College of Education at the University of Central Florida, where she was an associate professor and coordinator of sports and fitness. She founded GeoMotion Group, with programs in more than 25,000 schools. She has trained more than 1,000 preservice teachers and has published and delivered keynotes. 

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