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Gryphon House Releases Simple Signing with Young Children, revised

Lewisville, N.C. – Gryphon House, Inc. announces Simple Signing with Young Children: A Guide for Infant, Toddler, and Preschool Teachers, revised. Updated with the latest research, this resource equips educators and caregivers with tools to teach children how to effectively communicate using age-appropriate signs.

This user-friendly instruction manual will help teachers and caregivers:

  • Enhance classroom management and ease transitions
  • Ease communication with very young children
  • Support positive social behavior
  • Help children learn impulse control, and
  • Assist children in expressing emotions and needs

“Because young children’s vocabularies haven’t yet caught up with their thoughts and emotions, they often struggle to communicate,” said Carol Garboden Murray, MEd. “Providing children with the tools they need to better express themselves helps remove barriers between children and caregivers or educators, while also stimulating children’s developmental growth.”

A 2014 study shows that baby signing positively affects communicative, cognitive, social, adaptive behavior, and physical development.

Ideal for parents and caregivers of children ages 0–6, Simple Signing with Young Children, revised, features easy-to-follow instructions with photos and demonstrates ways to incorporate sign language in daily activities.

About the Author

Carol Garboden Murray, MEd, has worked as a preschool and toddler teacher, kindergarten and first-grade inclusion teacher, early interventionist, director of programs and early learning trainer.

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