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Gryphon House Releases Push Past It!

Lewisville, N.C. – Gryphon House, Inc. announces Push Past It! A Positive Approach to Challenging Classroom Behaviors, a resource book bringing educators classroom-tested and teacher-approved strategies to manage challenging behaviors.

“Resource books often provide tips and tricks for managing challenging behaviors, but what happens when those tactics don't work? Most of us give up,” said author Angela Searcy, EdD. “Educators must first be equipped with the tools to read behavior as communication to be able to know the proper next steps or when to seek help from outside resources.”

A 2018 Childcare Exchange study found that childcare directors nationwide rank challenging behaviors as a top-five concern, behind a shortage of qualified teachers, staff turnover and other human resources–related items. High-quality professional learning and a new, proven approach to managing challenging behaviors can resolve these common issues.

Push Past It! brings educators a raw, real and at times funny approach to handling challenging behaviors and understanding why most behavior-management strategies do not work. Dr. Searcy shares real-world examples, proven solutions, and new approaches to overcoming classroom disruptions using her PUSH PAST IT model.

Beyond behavioral-management strategies, Push Past It! will guide educators to:

  • See children's behavior as communication
  • Understand what is—and is not—developmentally appropriate behavior
  • Identify when to seek support from outside resources
  • Communicate and listen more effectively
  • Help children overcome their own challenging behaviors
  • Take care of themselves

“I developed the PUSH PAST IT model because I believe in a more nurturing and insights-driven approach to managing challenging behavior,” said Dr. Searcy.

Push Past It! is widely available starting May 1, 2019.

About the Author

Angela Searcy, EdD, has more than 25 years of experience in education, providing services to children and families as a teacher, child-development specialist, and independent consultant. A former neurodevelopment specialist, she is the owner and founder of Simple Solutions Educational Services, a professional-development company. She is a trainer, a speaker, and a seminar leader at the Erikson Institute in Chicago, Illinois.

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