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Gryphon House Releases Growing Up in Stages Series

Lewisville, N.C. – Gryphon House, Inc. has released a book series that establishes the foundation of developmentally appropriate practice for 3- and 4-year-olds. The Growing Up in Stages series by Susan A. Miller, EdD, consists of three books, each focusing on a specific domain of learning:

The books are grounded in the most recent research on early childhood development, and each chapter includes exciting curriculum activities for teachers to try. The books also include helpful tips and activities that parents can use to reinforce positive growth.

“I hear from early childhood teachers all the time, asking how children should be developing in their social, emotional and cognitive areas, and how teachers can nurture that development,” Miller said. “This series offers the research-backed strategies they’re looking for, plus the practical activities they can use immediately.”

The books are open for preorder now. To request a free excerpt or e-galley copy, contact anna@ghbooks.com.

Emotional Development of Three- and Four-Year-Olds: ISBN 978-0-876590-723-1; 80 pp.; PB; $19.95

Social Development of Three- and Four-Year-Olds: ISBN 978-0-876590-663-0; 88 pp.; PB; $19.95

Cognitive Development of Three- and Four-Year-Olds: ISBN 978-0-876590-725-5; 104 pp.; PB; $19.95


About the Author

Susan A. Miller, EdD, is a professor emerita of early childhood education at Kutztown University of Pennsylvania. Susan serves on the executive boards of the national committee of the Organization for Early Childhood Education–United States (OMEP-US) and served on the executive board of the Association for Childhood Education International (ACEI). She received the Outstanding Member Service Award for ACEI. Susan is a regular presenter at conferences of NAEYC and was a validator and commissioner for NAEYC's accreditation program.

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