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Gryphon House Releases Growing Together

Lewisville, N.C. – Gryphon House, Inc. announces Growing Together: Developing and Sustaining a Community of Practice in Early Childhood, a practical guide for early childhood teachers, directors, and administrators to advance their professional-development offerings.

Numerous studies report that communities of practice provide significant enrichments, including improved teacher efficacy, isolation, and attrition; enhanced collaboration; and increased student-learning outcomes.

“Communities of practice are an age-old phenomenon representing teamwork, connection, and shared purpose, and as early childhood challenges and best practices evolve, teamwork is needed now, more than ever,” said Kathi Gillaspy, MEd. “My colleagues and I can help early childhood leaders define, create, and promote a community of practice that fosters collaborative problem solving and enhances their program’s professional-learning experiences.”

Featuring tips, real-life experiences, and educator-tested strategies for developing and sustaining successful communities of practice, Growing Together teaches educators techniques to :

  • Develop a shared vision and structure
  • Leverage tools to invite members and build a community
  • Build member engagement and investment
  • Master facilitation and evaluation strategies for ongoing professional learning

With step-by-step guidance, educators will find their community and explore, experiment, and strategize their way to an enhanced career in early education.

Growing Together is widely available December 1, 2019.


About the Authors

Kathi Gillaspy, MEd, is director of technical assistance at AnLar and works with the Division of Early Childhood (DEC)’s Community of Practice Committee.


Megan Vinh, PhD, is an advanced technical-assistance specialist at the FPG Child Development Institute at the Univ. of North Carolina–Chapel Hill and has facilitated many communities of practice.


Nancy Surbrook-Goins, MA, is the training and technical-assistance manager at a regional educational service agency. She is professional-development chair of the Michigan DEC and a co-leader of the DEC Community of Practice Development Committee.


Sarah Nichols, BA, is a professional-development specialist at the Early Intervention Training Program at the Univ. of Illinois and serves as the professional-development strand leader on the DEC Personnel Preparation Committee.

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