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Gryphon House Releases Creative Investigations in Early Science

Gryphon House, Inc. announces Creative Investigations in Early Science, a resource book helping educators expand and encourage young learners’ inquisitive nature as they explore the physical, life, and earth sciences through project-based learning.

STEM programs continue to grow in popularity in early childhood education; although, science continues to be one of the most neglected subjects in preschool classrooms. A recent study found that less than 5 percent of time in preschool involves planned science, and children are only present in science areas 15 percent of the time during free play.

“Young children are born scientists with an innate desire to analyze and investigate their environments, and educators can support them with creative, challenging science experiences,” said Angela Eckhoff, PhD. “With more science-related teaching resources that feature open- ended and project-approach learning, educators can nurture children’s inherent sense of wonder while teaching complicated science topics and problem-solving skills.”

Dr. Eckhoff provides educators with practical and approachable ways to intentionally foster young scientists’ hands-on, minds-on explorations across various scientific topics:

  •   Matter and physical properties
  •   Physical and chemical changes
  •   Conservation and sustainability
  •   Earth and space systems

Creative Investigations in Early Science provides educators with lessons built on pedagogical practices for guided inquiry and creative thinking. The resource book includes science experiences based on the 5E inquiry model (engage, explore, explain, extend/elaborate and evaluate) and incorporates the Next Generation Science Standards. Ideal for educators of children ages 4–6, this book builds on topics featured in the Creative Investigations series.

About the Author

Angela Eckhoff, PhD, is an associate professor of teaching and learning in the Early Childhood Education program and is codirector of the Virginia Early Childhood Policy Center at Old Dominion University. She holds a dual PhD from the University of Colorado–Boulder in educational psychology and cognitive science. She is the author of the Creative Investigations series available from Gryphon House. 

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