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Gryphon House Releases Creative Investigations in Early Engineering and Technology

Gryphon House, Inc. announces Creative Investigations in Early Engineering and Technology, a resource book to leverage children’s use of digital technologies and to introduce engineering skills in a developmentally appropriate way.

Early childhood educators continue to seek activities that promote STEM-based learning. However, most STEM books focus on science and math, excluding technology and engineering. Author Angela Eckhoff, PhD, helps teachers create a more well- rounded STEM learning program.

“STEM continues to be a hot topic in education, but we often disregard complex concepts like coding and robotics,” said Dr. Eckhoff. “We can, and should, make engineering and technology much more approachable for both teachers and students. When we encourage children to think, tinker and innovate, we promote active engagement and participation in classroom learning.”

Intended for educators of children ages 4–8, this book includes directions and lesson- plan guidance to help teachers focus on creative and inquiry-based experiences, such as asking questions and exploring to find answers. With developmentally appropriate activities and in-depth teacher resources, it builds off the topics covered in its companion, Creative Investigations in Early Math.

About the Author

Angela Eckhoff is an associate professor of teaching and learning in the Early Childhood Education program and is codirector of the Virginia Early Childhood Policy Center at Old Dominion University. She holds a dual PhD from the University of Colorado–Boulder in educational psychology and cognitive science. She is a coeditor of the Growing in STEM column for Young Children, published by the National Association for the Education of Young Children. 

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