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Gryphon House Releases Building on Emergent Curriculum

Lewisville, N.C. – Gryphon House, Inc. announces Building on Emergent Curriculum: The Power of Play for School Readiness, a guide to executing rich, interdisciplinary, play-based learning.

Over the past two decades, children have lost eight hours of free play per week, just as 30,000 schools have eliminated recess to make more time for academic study.* Play has been de-emphasized in many preschool classrooms, contributing to lost learning opportunities.

“Children are expected to read, write, count, and sit still at younger and younger ages, and as these unrealistic expectations mount, they reinforce the false belief that these activities prepare children for school,” said Sarah Vanover, EdD. “There’s a better approach to helping children build school readiness: developmentally appropriate activities that allow them to learn and have fun.”

Building on Emergent Curriculum guides preschool teachers to tap into young children’s natural inclination for play to build their skills, promote their development, and prepare them for elementary school. Learn:

  • Why traditional theme-based units don’t work
  • What school readiness really looks like
  • How to recognize and capitalize on the many teachable moments that arise during play
  • Ways to train teachers and involve families in emergent curriculum

Ideal for early childhood teachers, teacher-training programs, and professional-development providers, this book guides educators in creating rich opportunities during play that teach new ideas and develop skills.

Building on Emergent Curriculum will be available April 1, 2020, and is available for preorder now.


About the Author

Sarah Taylor Vanover, EdD, has 20+ years of experience in early childhood as a teacher, administrator, trainer, and classroom teaching coach. She has worked at the state level to assist with policy development and to supervise early childhood trainers. She is currently the director of the Division of Child Care for the Commonwealth of Kentucky.

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