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Gryphon House Releases Banish Boredom

When Rebecca Green took a break from practicing law to focus on her family, she quickly realized that she also wanted to redefine what it meant to be a stay-at-home-mom (SAHM). Now, the DC blogger behind the popular Not-So-SAHM has turned her kid-tested, parent-approved activities into a new book that redefines the typical activity book.

Banish Boredom: Activities to Do with Kids That You’ll Actually Enjoy outlines activities that Green has created with her children. Instead of following a prebaked plan for typical activities, Green started with what she likes to do. For example, a trip for coffee becomes a lesson in coffee roasting. Her own successes and failures have taught her that the cookie-cutter approach to planning learning experiences isn’t always best.

“It is incredibly easy to lose yourself and your own identity when you become a parent, especially if you leave a career outside the home to raise your children as I did,” Green said. “But I’ve found that as our kids have grown, the most enjoyable activities we do together started from something that I was interested in myself and then adapted to best fit the developing personalities of each of our children.”

The full-color book is brimming with vivid photos that Green took of her own children doing the activities, organized by theme: art, science, sensory, outdoor, and field trips.

Banish Boredom is available now. To request a free excerpt or e-galley copy, please contact anna@ghbooks.com.

ISBN 978-0-87659-345-5; 120 p.; PB; $19.95.

Banish Boredom | Gryphon House

About the Author

Rebecca Green is the creator of Not-So-SAHM, a family-friendly lifestyle blog where she writes about arts and crafts, field trips, DIYs, recipes, party fun, and the all-around silliness of her family. Rebecca started Not-So-SAHM in 2011 when she decided to take a break from practicing law to spend more quality time with her family and pursue creative endeavors. She lives in Washington, DC, with her husband and two mischief-making children, and believes there is no such thing as being bored. 

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