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Early Learning Book Chats

Join Gryphon House authors as they discuss the latest early childhood research and new strategies for teaching and caring for young children. The Early Learning Book Chats FREE webinars also earn participants a CE credit for every webinar they view.  

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WEBINAR: America’s Child-Care Crisis

EdWeb Webinar

May. 13, 2021 ‐ 2:00 pm

The child-care industry—essential to American families and to the American economy—is at risk of complete collapse. Before COVID-19 struck, the child-care industry faced funding issues and staffing dilemmas, while families struggled to find—or simply afford—quality child care. The reality is that COVID-19 has only exacerbated the challenges of the already fragile child-care ecosystem. This edWebinar takes a hard look at the current state of the industry and explores how to save this critical service by: Identifying the systemic changes needed Altering public opinion of the field Securing state and federal dollars for the private sector Prioritizing the growth of family child-care homes Educating parents on quality care and helping them access it Obtaining business support Child care is a system that is too critical to fail—we cannot survive without it. Together, we can reimagine the child-care industry for all Americans whose livelihoods depend on it. This edWebinar will be of interest to preK-3 teachers, librarians, and school and district leaders. There will be time for questions at the end of the presentation.

WEBINAR: Playing Makes You Smarter!

EdWeb Webinar

Jun. 10, 2021 ‐ 2:00 pm

As crazy as our world seems right now, we need to put our children first. We need to remember that children want and need the same things they’ve always wanted. They want to be loved, they want to feel safe, and they want to play and have fun! Join Dr. Jean and Carolyn Kisloski and discover how to TEACH the WHOLE child with hands-on activities, games, centers, and PLAY! This edWebinar will be of interest to all educators interested in early childhood education including teachers, librarians, childcare providers and administrators, and school and district leaders. There will be time for questions at the end of the presentation.

Inclusive and Supportive Education Conference 2021

Virtual Conference

Aug. 03, 2021 ‐ 10:00 am

The Inclusive and Supportive Education Conference (ISEC), hosted in the United Kingdom, will take place fully online from Tuesday August 3rd to Thursday August 5th. Dr. Elizabeth Erwin will be among 200 presenters from 30 countries who will share their research and insights covering the following themes: Education in Times of Uncertainty Inclusion as Social Justice Innovative Practices Knowledge Exchange Lifelong Inclusion Parents as Partners Because this is an online event, delegates will be able to build their own program, and also be alerted to other sessions which may be of interest. Registering for the conference also secures access to the full program for one year so, even if there is a scheduling clash, delegates will be able to watch any presentation at a later date which suits them. There is a single day concessionary rate of £75.00 available to students, parents, and low wage earners.

WEBINAR: The Path to Early Math

EdWeb Webinar

Sep. 09, 2021 ‐ 2:00 pm